Make Meaningful, Measurable Impact on the Financial Health of the People You Serve

LifeCents offers programs designed specifically to the needs and backgrounds of the people you serve, allowing you to maximize your investment in financial wellness and create the greatest impact through a relevant, personalized approach to finances.

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LifeCents helps you build capacity while engaging and interacting with the people you serve in new and exciting ways, expanding the impact and efficacy of your important work. Throughout their financial journey, individuals are inspired and motivated to take action and achieve incremental goals through LifeCents’ conversational, outcome-based, and highly personalized design.
With LifeCents, you can…

  • Offer a personalized, relevant financial education experience
  • Engage and motivate participants
  • Define what good financial health looks like
  • Connect individuals to the resources and services they need
  • Communicate with participants in new and effective ways
  • Demonstrate program impact

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