A Data-Driven Approach to Financial Education and Consumer Engagement

LifeCents gives you the ability to better understand and serve your customers by offering key insights about their financial health and helping them take the first steps towards improving it, all before they ever walk in your door.

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LifeCents helps you interact with your customers and prospective customers in new and exciting ways by connecting them to highly personalized and engaging financial education, which simultaneously provides you with a detailed report of their financial needs and goals. You can use this information to better serve your customers and help them reach their goals, extending their lifetime value. Consumers are inspired and motivated to sustain engagement, take action, and achieve incremental goals through LifeCents’ conversational, outcome-based, and highly personalized design that aligns with where they are on their financial journey.
With LifeCents you can…

  • Better understand and effectively communicate with customers
  • Increase the value of your time spent with customers
  • Increase your capacity
  • Direct customers to relevant education, products, and services

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