LifeCents Offers Financial Health Assessment as Stand Alone Solution

[Washington DC] For the past 15 years, LifeCents has specialized in creating innovative financial wellness and education programs that meet the needs of users and organizations alike. During that time, we have learned the importance of taking time to understand the perspective participants of a program before going “all in” on program design and promotion. The way we achieve this is through having program participants complete our Financial Health Assessment as the first step of the program.

This assessment is now available as a stand alone 45 Day Wellness Challenge.

What to expect from a 45 Day Wellness Challenge

During this “first mile,” LifeCents will provide help you to engage your user base and drive program enrollment and participation. Once users have completed the Financial Health Assessment, organizations will receive access to relevant data through our best-in-class Reporting Portal. LifeCents will also provide organizations with a comprehensive report that:

• identifies the financial health status of your user base.
• establishes key trends.
• quantifies the financial health needs of your users.
• helps you determine what steps you can take to achieve your organizational goals and have the greatest impact on financial health of your users.

The insights gained by this report have been used to evolve programs, target program funding, help achieve organizational goals, and make real impacts.

To learn more, or sign up for a 45 Day Wellness Challenge, contact us.