Financial Wellness Interview Offers Insights Into Creative Ideas And Implementation Approaches

I had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Kuhn on his local TV show “Your Future, Your Finances” for a discussion on financial wellness programs. We covered a lot of ground in the two-part interview including:

  • The differences and similarities between financial education and financial wellness
  • Identifying the various dimensions of financial health that need to be addressed in the design of a holistic program
  • How to track, measure and report on outcomes and impact
  • Innovative applications and uses of financial wellness programs in both the public and private sectors
  • Opportunities to leverage technology to improve the efficacy of wellness programs

Part 1 of the Interview

Part 2 of the Interview

Blake Allison is CEO & President of LifeCents, Inc. a leading provider of financial education and wellness solutions. LifeCents is FELA’s online financial wellness program used by employers, employee benefits providers, plan advisors, financial services companies and nonprofits.