Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing…Or Does It?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air–and so is a lot stress for many couples. So much stress, in fact, that, financial issues at home are still the leading cause of divorce.

Recent studies have shown that 41% of Americans say financial stress impacts their relationship with their spouse. Often one partner feels the other is not pulling their weight financially, the other is overspending, or even worse, one partner is “financially unfaithful” by hiding purchases from the other. With two thirds of all marriages starting off burdened with debt and few couples having the knowledge or skills to manage their finances, the joining of financial lives can be an added source of stress and anxiety.

As an employer, the issue of couples and money should be top of mind because they are your your employees in the office. Financial stress among employees is evident in a number of ways. Employees are distracted and less productive. Absenteeism and presentism are on the rise.

Much as you have a vested interest in providing them with the tools and resources to be successful at work, you also need to help them be successful with their finances at home.

LifeCents is a financial wellness program that you can provide to your employees where they acquire the knowledge, develop the skills and gain the confidence to be better with their money. By letting each user tell their story and gain insights into their financial lives, LifeCents can put them and their families on a pathway to achieve much needed financial security.

By helping your employees and their families be financially successful at home, your business will benefit from having a financially healthy workforce. LifeCents is one employee benefit you can offer that will pay dividends– literally.

To get started with helping your employees improve their financial health, schedule a demo of LifeCents. Contact us at info@lifecents.com.