LifeCents Partners with Urban Ed to Educate DC Youth

Washington D.C., May 9, 2019 – LifeCents, a financial wellness company, today announced their partnership with Urban Ed, a nonprofit dedicated to helping DC residents learn workplace skills. The partnership will provide Urban Ed’s clients with access to the LifeCents app to provide participants with a financial literacy certificate.

The program, which launched March 26 with an initial group of users, covers a variety of financial topics, including curated learning modules on budgeting and lessons on saving for retirement. During the six-week program, participants will learn the value of paying themselves first and at the program’s completion, will receive a financial wellness certificate.

“Partnering with LifeCents made sense – we had incredible synchronicity from the beginning, both in goals and in culture,” said Roxanne J. Williams, Urban Ed’s president and program manager. “Urban Ed aims to empower our program participants with the skills they need to confidently save and reach financial stability and prosperity. LifeCents is a great tool for users to gain financial literacy now and in the future.”

The initial cohort includes participants ranging in age from 17-30 years old, with more than half having already completed the certification in the first few weeks.

“A core part of the LifeCents mission is to help people gain insights into their financial lives and empower them with knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve the financial goals most important to each person and their families,” said Blake Allison, Founder and CEO of LifeCents. “Roxanne and her team share that vision which is wonderful. We are eager to hear from this first cohort of users upon completion of the program and look forward to continuing to support the great work at Urban Ed.”

About LifeCents
LifeCents is a financial wellness company that empowers people to acquire the knowledge, build the habits and gain the confidence they need to make smarter everyday decisions. Our wellness platform helps people become financially aware, savvy and engaged, which is of great value to businesses and communities. LifeCents clients and partners include Fortune 500 companies, financial service providers, government agencies, nonprofits and employers. For more information on LifeCents, visit www.lifecents.com.