Our mission is to help people achieve financial security, one step at a time

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LifeCents is wellness platform that inspires and empowers people to improve their financial health and well-being.

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    We are a motivated team of creative problem solvers who are inspired every day to drive change that improves people's lives.

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    We are challenging and reimagining the financial wellness solutions that will make a difference to individuals and communities.

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    We believe in equipping people with the resources & tools they need to confidently and successfully gain control of their personal finances.

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    We embrace the opportunity to deliver a real impact with measurable outcomes that are supported by empirical data.

Our Story


Every person deserves to be financially secure and to live a life free from financial worry. Yet, improvements in consumer financial health and well-being have always been slow to materialize even though new products, new approaches, and new solutions have flooded the market within the past decade. Driven to move the needle to improve consumer financial health and to help people realize the dream of financial independence, Blake Allison founded Financial Education Literacy Advisors (FELA) in 2005.


FELA was one of the first private, socially responsible enterprises with a mission to improve the financial health and well-being of people and the communities they live in. In fact, FELA has been solving the financial wellness problem long before financial wellness was trending. It was through this motivation to make an impact that in 2010 FELA developed one of the first financial education technologies to advance the financial wellness field.

Today, LifeCents remains the standard bearer in its field. It reflects our passion for our mission as much as it is a testament that we understand the problem that needs to be solved.


We know that improvements in a person’s financial health are not measured simply by their knowledge and understanding of information. We know that people are more than numbers. Instead, real progress is made when information is transformed into action and coupled with sustained engagement. It is only then that people will demonstrate the long-term behavior changes that are at the foundation of financial security.


As we move forward, the name LifeCents will be used, not only for our innovative product, but also for our company and team. FELA will always be honored as the foundation upon which the business will grow, fulfilling our mission of improving the financial well-being of people.