Financial wellness is more than just
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You have goals. So do the people you serve. LifeCents is the only holistic wellness solution that achieves both.

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LifeCents is for

  • Employers

    Engage your employees to tap into their potential, increase productivity across your organization, and improve your bottom line.

  • Financial Services

    Interact with your customers and prospective customers in new and exciting ways, connect them to your products in a responsible way, and extend their lifetime value.

  • Nonprofits

    Build capacity in your organization and access the data and metrics you need to demonstrate the efficacy of your financial education program to your funders.

  • Advisors & Coaches

    Better understand your clients’ needs even before they walk in the door. Leverage those insights to give your customers greater value and to improve those relationships over time.

Outcomes & Impact

LifeCents is designed to align with your organizational goals and priorities — and give you the data and insights you need to create even more value for your business.

  • Engagement


    You want motivated and loyal customers and employees who will actively engage with your business, products, and services.


    LifeCents creates an inspiring, engaging, and impactful user experience through innovative features and a thoughtful design.

  • Data & Insights


    You need rich data sets to understand the goals and motivations of your customers and employees to proactively respond to their needs.


    LifeCents provides you with robust consumer profiles and powerful analytics to gain insights that have never been available before.

  • Connections


    You need consumers to access the products and services in your portfolio but in a responsible way.


    LifeCents helps people to transform information into action by connecting them to partners, products, and services based on their financial health profile.

  • Value


    Any investment you make in financial wellness has to generate measurable value not just for the participants but also for your organization.


    LifeCents is uniquely designed to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes for individuals and for your bottom line.

LifeCents Works

  • 94

    of people who get to LifeCents complete the registration process

  • 82

    of users complete the LifeCents' onboarding and "Discovery" activities

  • 300

    number of businesses that offer LifeCents to their employees and customers

Proven Behavioral Change

LifeCents combines sound financial guidance, user-centered design, and positive psychology principles.

  • Financial Guidance

    From the basics to investing, LifeCents provides a wealth of curated, understandable content.

  • User-Centered Design

    An engaging, intuitive conversational style makes challenging financial concepts accessible.

  • Positive Psychology

    More than just incentives or requirements, LifeCents creates lasting habits, a healthier mindset, and deeper financial understanding.

How LifeCents Works

Through a proven methodology and research-driven approach to financial wellness, LifeCents increases financial knowledge, modifies behaviors, and inspires motivation to creating lasting improvements in consumer financial health & well-being.

  • IQ

    Financial knowledge is a fundamental pillar of good financial health - but knowledge alone is not sufficient. LifeCents explains the "why" behind the "what" and helps people turn information into action.


    Positive behavior change is the ultimate outcome for any financial wellness program. LifeCents excels in helping people to establish good habits and break bad ones resulting in meaningful behavior change over time.


    Financial wellness is more than just helping people improve their numbers. LifeCents helps people to build the confidence they need to make sound financial decisions and empowers them achieve their financial goals.

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